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Sourdough Breads - Beloved Breads, Chick & Egg Co.

Sourdough Breads - Beloved Breads, Chick & Egg Co.

Check out our newest vendor, Beloved Breads - made with love by our very own Brooke!

Did you know sourdough is the easiest bread to digest? Sourdough starter is partially fermented which makes it a great option even for gluten sensitive families.

Sourdough Loaf - Indulge in the delightful taste of artisanal baking with our small loaf of sourdough bread. With its delicious flavor and perfect size, it's a must-have for any bread lover. Order now and experience the ultimate satisfaction of homemade sourdough bread!

Flavor of the month! Lemon Raspberry - This delectable combination of zesty lemon and sweet raspberry is the perfect way to embrace the flavors of spring.

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