About Us

About Us

We have a true passion for health

Welcome! I’m Kat Robinson—owner, visionary and sarcastic voice behind Robinson Ranch, our family run business in Bixby, Oklahoma.

Over the years, God has taken us on a journey of learning about health, food and community. After a rough season of being sick all the time, our family decided there must be a better way. We overhauled our diet to be mostly plant-based, started drinking kombucha and elderberry syrup and decided to start sharing what we learned. I have been gardening for 15 years, learning slowly how to grow food without chemicals and how to do it well. Robinson Ranch was born in 2017 out of a passion to help others be healthy!

We are honored to provide your family with real, more-than-organic food year round. We are community-supported agriculture and we couldn’t exist without you!

Follow our adventures!



We Recycle!

We reuse all our bags and jars! When you are done with them, you can leave them on your porch on your delivery day or bring them by the store. 

Thanks for buying local and in-season!