A Bigger Table Foundation

A Bigger Table Foundation

"When you have more than you need, build a bigger table not a higher fence"

A Bigger Table Foundation

A Bigger Table Foundation is a non-profit aimed at helping people eat and grow real food to heal their bodies. The western diet is keeping us sicker and killing us younger than ever before. Our choices in diet are the reason for 7 of the 10 most common causes of death here in the United States.

A Bigger Table is passionate about helping people understand how to grow or find real food to live the abundant life they were meant to live.

Part of our solution is teaching classes to adults, visiting classrooms and farm tours here at Robinson Ranch. Science tells us that memories are tied to emotion, so no amount of classroom learning equals as much as a farm field trip. Robinson Ranch is thrilled to work with A Bigger Table and give them use of our farm as they educate and teach families in the Tulsa Area!

To learn more about what all A Bigger Table does, grab a t-shirt or to support them, check them out here.

A Bigger Table Foundation



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We reuse all our bags and jars! When you are done with them, you can leave them on your porch on your delivery day or bring them by the store. 

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