Ordering Options

Ordering Options

Shop the Farm Store

Our farm store in Bixby is open Wednesdays and Saturdays 9-12. Come see where your food is grown and ask your farmer all the questions. We always have samples and some specialty items in store only as well.

Order Online

You can order as often or as seldom as you like and get free delivery with orders of $50 or more within our delivery area. Pickup at the Ranch in South Bixby is also an option if you are outside of our delivery zone.

Subscription Orders

You’ve always wanted to be a regular, now’s your chance!
With a Subscription order you are in it for every season. Consistency helps us know what to grow and how to feed your family the best we can. You may choose from one of our subscription bundles or simply make your specific order each week. This is absolutely the best way to put farm fresh goodies on your table year round.
Subscription Orders get first dibs on items like pasture-raised chicken eggs, the first of crops, and extra veggies or goodies when we have more than we need.

We Recycle!

We reuse all our bags and jars! When you are done with them, you can leave them on your porch on your delivery day or bring them by the store. 

Thanks for buying local and in-season!